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 Making the decision to sell a property can often be a difficult one. It’s hard to part with a house or land that you’ve lived in for years. But once the decision has been made, most people want to get their property sold as soon as possible. If this is your first time selling a property, these are 5 of the top things you should keep in mind to get it sold as quickly and smoothly as possible.
 1) First Impressions:
When putting your property on the market make sure that you have everything in place to impress buyers. At first glance potential buyers should not be able to notice anything out of place or looking unkempt. Often times an owner or agent will put a for sale sign on the property before making sure that the property is ready.

 2) Price it Right:
Make sure that you have your price in line with what comparable properties are selling for. Often times sellers, especially those that feel an emotional attachment to a property, expect too much and agents overextend a property’s value.

 3) Hire an Agent:
It is ok to talk to more than one real estate agent before listing your acreage or home for sale. Ask lots of questions and find out what experience they have in selling other properties that are similar to yours. Also find out their experience in advertising. If this is their first venture in your property’s market – be careful.

 4) Declutter and Fix the Small Things:
If you have a leaking sink or a door that needs replacing, carpet stains, or drywall problems get them fixed. It is best to have them repaired before even listing the property or allowing potential buyers to look. These small cosmetic items can be hard for a buyer to get over.

 5) Keep it Neutral: 
If you are selling a home and need to repaint or touch up walls make sure that you keep the colors neutral. If you have a recreational property don’t go overboard on food plots, fire rings, or landscaping. Simply cleaning it up will make it look attractive.
The little things that will make your property more attractive and sellable are easy to overlook. By following these 5 simple steps you can take a lot of the stress out of having a property that is more attractive to potential buyers.

I wish you well and invite you to contact me if you have questions.
 Please stay healthy and we hope to hear from you soon to discuss your property search   and status.
                                                    Until Next Time!

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