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 From the kids' toys to gardening tools to lawn care supplies, it seems like everyone in the house can find things to keep in the backyard shed. If your shed has become a catch-all for things, making it hard to find what you’re looking for, here are eight tips and simple DIY projects to organize your shed.
 1) Hang Your Tools
Say goodbye to searching through drawers and buckets for your tools! By using a magnetic bar or a pegboard to hang your tools, you’ll be able to quickly grab whatever you need while leaving room in your drawers for other things!

 2) Invest in Shelving Units
Shelving units are often overlooked in terms of shed supplies, but a unit such as a free-standing metal shelving can make a huge difference in the same shed area. If you want to repurpose items instead for shelving, use old bookshelves!

 3) Use Mason Jars for Small Items

Keep nails, screws, and other small items that are easily lost in mason jars for safekeeping! You could even attach the jars to the bottom of a shelf for a double DIY.

 4) Keep Tools Organized in Drawers with Organizers
You probably have a utensil organizer in your kitchen, so why not use one in your shed? Put a few drawer organizers in your shelving units and you’ll have an easier time finding tools when you need them.

 5) Utilize Shed Doors and Vertical Storage
The door of the shed often goes unused, but this space is prime real estate! Add hooks to the back of the doors to hang large items such as rakes and hoes, or add baskets for quick-grab things. You can also utilize vertical storage by creating a loft shelf for storing items you don’t regularly need, such as decorations or seasonal items.

 6) Metal Bucket For Hose Storage
Say goodbye to tangled hoses! Simply nail a bucket to the wall and wrap the hose around it.

 7) Store Sports Equipment with Bungee Cords
If you have multiple basketballs, soccer balls, or even kickballs lying around just waiting to get tripped on, you’ll love this bungee cord DIY! All you need are a few eye hooks and a wall with open studs. Attach two of the eye hooks to the base of the wall and then two more parallel at the height of your choice. Stretch the bungee cords to fit into each of the hooks and voila!

 8) Make a Wall-Mounted Screwdriver Holder
Hanging your screwdrivers makes them easy to find and identify when working on your next project. Keep in mind that the wooden holder has to have holes all the way through the wood. If not, you won’t be able to see the tip of your screwdrivers, making it hard to know which one you’re grabbing!
While the shed is often only used by family members, it’s still important to invest time into making it hassle-free to use! Plus, if you’re looking to sell your home in the future, an organized shed is a handyman’s dream and could potentially be a selling point.
I wish you well and invite you to contact me if you have questions.
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