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 Inviting wildlife into your garden will present beautiful settings from your window and can help ensure the survival of many birds, bugs and even mammals. Here are a few tips for attracting these stunning creatures to your garden.

 1) Put Up Nesting Boxes:
Nesting boxes will help bring birds into your garden to breed. Different types of birds prefer different types of nesting boxes. Make sure you put up the boxes where they are sheltered from weather and install them before springs so that you don’t disrupt the breeding season.

 2) Grow Wildflowers:
Bees and butterflies love wildflowers. Buddlea is a huge favorite for butterflies and native species that have an open structure flower are attractive to bees. Plants that have only two flowers per stem won’t provide enough nectar or pollen, so these should be avoided. Floxgloves, cornflowers, bluebells, crocus and globe thistle are all great options.

 3) Hang a Birdfeeder:
Hang a birdfeeder that has unsalted nuts from a branch or purchase one that attaches to a window to make sure squirrels don’t steal the food. Hang an ordinary feeder beside it for the squirrels if you’d like. Seed mixes and fat balls are great for attracting various different types of birds. Bacon and grated cheese will make your home popular for avian neighbors as well.

 4) Grow a Hedge:
Hedges are a great nesting area for birds and small animals and also help give your garden shelter. Hedge plants that are ideal for attracting wildlife include cherry plum, buckthorn, blackthorn, hawthorn, hazel, and privet. Climbers also provider more foliage to boost the insect population and attract birds. Dog rose, honeysuckle and clematis are good options.

 5) Erect a Bird Table and Bird Bath:

A bird table can offer a useful feeding perch away from predators in the area and a bird bath gives them a source of water for both bathing and drinking. Pour boiling water over your bird bath in the winter so that it doesn’t freeze over.

 6)Add a Pond:
If you have the space in your garden for a pond, this can help diversify your garden’s ecosystem. If you don’t have room for a bond, even a small water feature can help attract different animals. A pond gives a safe space for fish, frogs and other insects like dragonflies. Plants like water lilies and broadleaf pondweed can help develop your underwater habitat.

 7) Plant a Tree:
Trees attract animals. Species like conifers, crab apple, yew, silver birch, and alder are great smaller options, but if you have room try to plant elm, ash or beech trees to provide a nesting spot for birds, squirrels and maybe even bats. If you have space, try to plant trees near each other to establish a more woodland habitat feel for an even wider range of animals.
Sit back and relax as your garden attracts beautiful wildlife. From birds to sweet little squirrels and beautiful butterflies, you will enjoy all of these amazing creatures from your window.

 I wish you well and invite you to contact me if you have questions.
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