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 We could all use more space in our homes, and even if we can’t attain having more physical space, we can always do things to make our homes look and feel bigger. Implement any of these ten design tips to make your cozy home look and feel bigger.

 Use Light Colors:
 Darker colors make a room seem cozy and they absorb light rather than reflecting it, so if you want a space to appear larger, you should opt for lighter color flooring and lighter color walls to make a room feel open, airy and light.

 Keep Furniture Away from the Walls:
Pushing furniture up against the walls makes a room look and feel cramped. Even just a couple of inches between the furniture and the wall can make a space appear more open.

 Look for Multi-Purpose Furniture:
 Try to find multi-purpose furniture that can serve as a place to store things. This can keep a room less cluttered and give you more space to store things as well, which we all could use!

 Hanging Shelves:
 When you hang shelves near the ceiling it will draw the eye upward and keep clutter off the floor.

 Choose Statement Furniture:
 In a smaller living room, one big couch instead of multiple smaller pieces. Adding in one large focal piece of furniture will decrease the feeling of clutter and make a room feel larger.

 Leave Windows Uncovered:
 By leaving windows uncovered you can give your space more depth. As more natural light flows in, the space will appear larger. If you are concerned about privacy, roman shades or blinds can look less cluttered than curtains. If you do want to hang curtains, hang them directly from the ceiling to make the room appear taller.

 Use Mirrors:
 Mirrors will make any space feel much larger than it is. It gives the allusion that the room is deeper than it actually is. Place a large mirror against a wall or hang mirrors to give a room a much larger feel that isn’t expensive to accomplish.

 Use Different Shades of One Color:
 For decorating, use different shades of the same color for the walls, rug and accent pieces in the room. This will create a visual coherence that will make a space feel open. This will create a fun vibe and space the room out a bit.

 Furniture with Exposed Legs:
 Instead of a couch that has a skirt or super boxy chairs, larger pieces with exposed legs are great for small spaces. This eliminates the feeling that the couch is cutting off space, but opens the space beneath the couch to give a larger look.
A small space doesn’t have to look and feel small. These tips will help give your home a larger and more spacious feel without having to sacrifice its coziness.
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