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 We’ve all been the new person at one time or another. Being the new family in a neighborhood can feel a little isolating especially when you don’t know anyone. Ease the burden on your new neighbors and put yourself out there. Offer yourself as a guide and resource for new neighbors and you may find yourself with a lifelong set of friends.

1. Start Small

 Just saying hello and putting on a friendly face will immediately ease your new neighbors’ minds. This lets them know that you’re open to chatting and don’t bite. Be sure to keep it short as they’re probably very busy moving and unpacking all of their belongings. But opening that line of communication allows them to make the next move.

2. Offer Your Assistance

 While your offer will probably be turned down, consider offering your new neighbors a hand in unloading any boxes. Moving boxes off a truck can be tough work and they might appreciate your generous offer.

3. Propose a Casual Gathering

 Host a get together for the neighbors you already know and be sure to casually invite the new neighbors. Don’t let them know that it’s a gathering specifically for them - just mention it in passing and let them know that they’re invited. If you don’t see them out around the neighborhood, slip an invitation or a note under their door.

4. Make a Gift Basket
 If you’re not a talkative person but still want to let the new neighbors know they’re welcome to the neighborhood, put together a gift basket that you can drop on their front porch. Fill it with some local delicacies and gift cards for local stores and restaurants to give them a taste of the local flavor. Or if you’re not creative enough to put together a basket, grab a premade basket to impress them.

5. Put Together a List of Local Resources
 Learning the local spots, the important landmarks, and local resources takes time and energy. Expedite the learning process for your new neighbors and put together a cheat sheet of your personal recommendations and slip it under your neighbor’s door. They’ll appreciate the thought and might even invite you to come along for a bite to eat at one of the restaurants you included on the guide.
Offering yourself up as a resource to your new neighbors will relieve a lot of stress on their end and might even result in a set of new friends. How would you welcome a new family to your neighborhood?

 I wish you well and invite you to contact me if you have questions.
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