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 What better way to show off your beautiful new home than with a party. No matter the occasion, party planning can get overwhelming, but I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be so complicated! One of the biggest obstacles in party planning is making the guest list. If you free-will invite people, your small gathering can turn into a huge house party before you know it. The truth is, you don’t need to invite everyone you think you need to. After all, it’s your party! Below are some ways to cut down your guest list, and some “excuses” to give the people who get the boot.

 1. Write Down Everyone You Would Invite
 Yes, even add the “friends of a friend”, significant others, and co-workers you feel pressured to include but don’t really want to. By having a list of everyone you feel like you need to invite, you’ll get a visual for how much space these many people will take up -- giving you physical proof you have to downsize your list.

 2. Split the List Into Groups
 Along with the physical limitations of inviting too many guests, the atmosphere of the party can be changed by the people in attendance. If you’re going for a more casual and intimate gathering, inviting a lot of people will immediately give the party a different feel.
 This is also the time to think of a theme for the party. By choosing a theme, you’re able to split up your friend groups in a clear way -- Whether it’s wine and cheese lovers, Oscar party viewers, or Beyonce fan club members, by having distinct groups in mind, you’ll have a reason for the missed invite to give your friends who don’t make the list.
3. Consider if People Really Need a Plus One
 If everyone on your list brings a plus one, your attendance just doubled! Nixing guests of guests is an easy way to downsize your guest list. However, sometimes the option is needed. If you’re inviting mostly all couples, single friends might be left out, no matter how close your group is. In this case, give single friends the option to bring someone.
As a general rule, everyone you invite should be able to converse with at least two guests. If this isn’t the case, either nix the invite or allow for a plus one.

 4. Invite Everyone as a Group
 By having the invite list being made public, whether through a Facebook invite, email, or group message, everyone will know exactly who’s being invited. You should also share the theme of the party. This can avoid any awkwardness when your guests ask mutual friends if they got their invites.
 Sometimes, the idea of cutting down your guest list is too hard to bear. If this is the case, throw multiple small parties! Sure, it’ll be more work and time for you, but each party will be special and you’ll be able to include everyone. If space is the issue though, talk to me about finding a new home that’s fit for any and every gathering your heart desires.

I wish you well and invite you to contact me if you have questions.
 Please stay healthy and we hope to hear from you soon to discuss your property search and status.
                                                    Until Next Time!

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