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 If you have a dog, embarking on a landscaping journey can mean asking yourself, “what plants will the dog be chewing?” or “what hardscaping material will be best?” While there is a yard full of possibility for you to create the outdoor space of your dreams, you have to be mindful of how your yard will affect your furry friends.

 1. Choose Non-Toxic Plants
While some plants that are toxic to dogs have mild side effects, others have more severe consequences. Avoid planting Aloe, Black Laurel, Dumbcane, Fire Lily, and Oleander. These plants, if consumed by dogs, can induce vomiting, drooling, and abdominal pain. Some plants can also cause death. After the dog ingests the plant or shows signs of sickness, call your vet or ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC). These plants are also typically poisonous for cats, horses, and other domesticated animals.
Although these plants might not be the best choice for planting in the ground, you can still incorporate them in your landscaping and decor efforts. Arrange them in spaces your dog can’t access, such as in hanging baskets on the patio, porch, or deck. A few non-toxic plant options include African Daisy, Dancing Doll Orchid, Ghost Plant, Snapdragons, and Thyme.

 2. Choose the Right Hardscaping
While you might be drawn to some hardscaping materials based purely on aesthetics, this is another area where your dog's safety must be part of the plan. Avoid small materials such as mulch or lava rock. This is especially important if you have a breed that tends to dig (like beagles or basset hounds). Mulch can become a headache to clean up, and lava rock can cause injury to their paws. It’s best to stick with larger materials such as flagstone or pavers. It’s also important to place them close together so that there is no chance your fur baby’s nails or pads could get caught in between the stone.

 3. Give Pets Their Own Space

Keeping aesthetics in mind, putting up a wire fence is not your only option when providing your pet with their own area. You can give your dog a play area and protect your plants and grass in a decorative way. Create a courtyard feel by using wooden picket fences and/or lattice. Additionally, you can plant the toxic-free plants mentioned above around the fence to build a small oasis that is safe for play and easy on the eye.
Creating your dream backyard that is safe for the entire family is quite the task but can be a place that cherished memories are made.
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