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 Gardening is one of the best ways to make the outside of your home appear beautiful and elegant, but it can also be time consuming. In reality, not everyone has that time to tend to a luscious garden that provides the necessary attention it needs to grow. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day to weed, water and wedge for those who work full-time or have kids.
Luckily there are a variety of low-maintenance plant options you can choose from that don’t require a whole lot of attention in order to bloom into a beautiful garden of greenery and shrubs. Here are four that you may want to consider:

 Fringe Tree

The fringe tree, which blooms in a six-week period from late spring to early summer, grows anywhere from 12 to 20 feet in length and displays a combination of green leaves with white flowers and tiny blue fruits that will add a nice touch to any home garden. In the fall, the leaves turn to an autumn foliage. This plant doesn’t require much upkeep from animals, pollution or weeds.

 Denver Daisy

This 7-to-10-inch flower blooms magnificently from mid-summer to fall with a combination of yellow and purple petals surrounding a brown center. The stems are strong and won’t be affected by rain or wind and isn’t a popular choice for pests to nibble on. The colors are amazingly proportioned to add a distinct lust to your garden.

 Purple Pixie
This eye-catching shrub will boost visibility with its violet evergreen leaves that sit perfect around the exterior of the garden. It’s versatile – you can plant it in either a pot or in the ground – and doesn’t require much water aside from the occasional rainfall. It grows to a maximum of 1-to-2 feet in height.

 Blue Hydrangea
This flower is one of the most visually appealing you can find! Its delicate balance of blue and yellow petals blooms amazingly in the summer and then again in spring to add a beautiful touch to your garden. It’s weather-resistant, as well, as long as you use the proper soil depending on the season.
We hope you can use these tips to plant the best garden possible for your property!
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