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 Recreational lands are all lands, predominately intended to provide outdoor recreational activities under the control and operation of a governmental agency, such as outdoor parks, preserves, campgrounds, and wildlife refuges.
The natural beauty of Wisconsin provides the perfect setting for year-round recreation or a quiet getaway for your family. Whether you enjoy fishing on trout streams, boating on large open lakes, small quiet lakes or riding ATV and snowmobile trails, hunting, hiking, horseback riding, or bird watching and photography, the Wisconsin area has it all.

WI Land and Lake Property offers numerous listings for recreational land and property for sale. A recent survey of Lands of America data shows approximately 32,000 acres of recreational land and property for sale in Wisconsin, which is valued at almost $177 million. The average price of recreational land for sale in Wisconsin is $482,062. Wisconsin hunters head out into the state's forests and public hunting lands each fall to bag white-tailed deer, followed by the popular wild turkey hunting season in spring. The state's lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams brim with over 160 species of fish. Browse the different types of recreational property for sale in Wisconsin to find the recreational tract that suits your lifestyle needs, from hunting and fishing properties for the outdoor enthusiast to undeveloped acreage ready for future residential-property development. Some current applications for recreational properties for sale in Wisconsin include hunting/fishing, commercial, and agriculture uses.
Although it may seem similar initially, buying and selling vacant land is quite different from buying or selling an existing residential home or commercial building. However, that is not to say vacant land can’t present a great investment opportunity. In many cases, if done correctly, it can be a lucrative endeavor.  
Despite being steadier and less complicated than the ‘regular’ real estate market, buying and selling vacant land can be challenging for the unprepared. Understanding the various requirements involved in purchasing of vacant lands before embarking on your investment journey is very important. Some  reasons why you need the services of a real estate company when buying a piece of land.

Purchasing Process
If you want to purchase vacant land in Wisconsin, a real estate company such as WI Land and Lake Property will be a valuable member of your team to ensure that things go smoothly. Here is how a real estate company can help you in purchasing vacant land.
Protection From Fraudulent transactions
Unfortunately, fraudulent transactions occur in all markets and the vacant land market is no exception. By hiring a real estate agent you can easily stop situations like judgments passed on the properties or sellers' attempts to offload property damaged by hazardous materials on the site which will save you time and money in legal fees. 
Real estate agents will assist you with any pre-sale contingencies along with reviewing the title to make sure it is clear due to their great knowledge about properties. They can easily identify what you need based on your description of what you want the property for such as encroachments, easements, and liens on the title, the real estate company can also help you after the land purchase to get documents like variances, permits, and other important documents.
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