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For anyone who wants to introduce some greenery to their home, but are limited in time and the space, low-water, low-maintenance container gardens will brighten your home without draining you of time and energy.
It’s important to not only decide where you want your plants to grow in your home (or on your porch, deck, or patio), but to also consider what plants will work best for your schedule and lifestyle. No matter how beautiful a plant is before bringing it home, you need to keep in mind that certain species will require a lot more upkeep than others. Here are a few low-water plants to help you get started on creating a greener, livelier home:

1) Succulents:
Not only are succulents an easy way to liven up small spaces in your home--they’re super easy to manage! The robust, thick leaves store water, allowing them to withstand long periods of drought. Water them once a week to once every other week, but only once the soil dries out. These small but mighty plants enjoy sunlight and dry air.

2) Agave:
While Agave grows best in Mediterranean and Southwest climates, this adaptable plant can thrive in other climates when given the appropriate care. Agave can go for weeks (sometimes months!) without water but need to be watered once or twice a week until it matures.

3) Spider Plant:

Native to South Africa, spider plants are an easy houseplant to grow. They thrive in bright, indirect sunlight and only need to be watered once the soil dries out a bit. The tuberous roots store nutrients for an extended period of time. If the tips of the leaves turn brown, however, you should water it as soon as possible. Once your plant grows larger, you can easily propagate it.

4) California Poppy:
To add a little pop of color to your home, California poppies are highly drought-tolerant. Excessive watering can encourage disease in the perennial plant, so let the soil dry out between each watering.

5) Aloe:

Aloe is a beneficial plant on hand, which gives you all the more reason to get your aloe plant to keep at home. When grown in a container, aloe needs to be watered once the soil dries out completely. If overwatered, the base or roots of the plant may become mushy or start to rot.

6) Scarlet Trumpet:
Known for attracting hummingbirds, this long, slender plant makes a great addition to drought-tolerant designs, as it survives solely on seasonal rainfall. Native to California, its vibrant, red flowers grow just over two feet high and 12 inches wide.
                  Stay cool and hydrated in this hot weather we are having!
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