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 There are many fancy ways to hide your TV in plain sight from motorized picture frames to compartments that pop up from the foot of your bed, but none of that is truly necessary to obscure your TV. All you need is a little paint and some well-considered placement, and you can hide your TV in plain sight. Here are nine ways to hide your TV in plain sight.

 Black Wall:
Covering a wall in black paint is an easy way to get your tube to blend into the background. It’s inexpensive and can mask any TV. You do not have to paint the entire wall black either, you can do a simple stripe on the wall behind the TV.
If you don’t love the idea of black walls or black paint, maybe black stain is more your cup of tea. For example, you could stain a bifold cabinet an ebony color which provides an ideal backdrop for a mounted flat-screen TV.

 Above the Fireplace:

A lot of people aren’t big fans of hanging the TV above the fireplace, but if you don’t mind the look, consider painting the fireplace surround black. It can help the TV blend into the room easily. This is one of the subtler options, especially if you are willing to paint the fireplace black.

 Next to the Fireplace:

The same principle applies for TVs mounted on the fireplace. Sometimes a TV can be hidden in plain sight just by being mixed into shelving around the fireplace. By painting a niche part of the built-in where the TV is, your TV won’t stand out from its surroundings and will blend nicely.

 Black Bookshelves:
If you have black bookshelves in the room where the TV is, try to implement the TV into this bookshelf. This way it will not be noticeable and won’t distract from the beauty of the bookshelf.

 Behind a Screen:
Hiding the TV behind a split Chinese screen is a neat trick. These screens can be found in a variety of sizes and they are relatively inexpensive.

 Take Things Outside:
You can also create a sleek outdoor covered patio using many of the above techniques. A black wall that has been stained a deep ebony hue is the perfect spot for a flat-screen TV to be hidden in place outside on the patio.

 Frame It:
A frame may not completely hide or mask a TV but it can make your TV blend better into your home décor. You can do a simple frame or a fancy frame depending on your home décor style.
 Arrange Your Room:
Another way to make your TV less noticeable is to rearrange your décor and room so that the TV isn’t the focal point. You could purchase a wardrobe that can double as a TV stand with doors to hide the TV when you aren’t using it.
There are countless ways to hide your TV in plain sight and it all depends on what you are comfortable with, whether it be painting a wall black or blending the TV in with kitchen appliances.
Hope you are enjoying your summer.
                                                   Until next week.

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