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 One of the best parts of a neighborhood is the people within the community and it all starts with welcoming those new to the neighborhood with a thoughtful gesture. Here are a few ways you can welcome newcomers into the community and help them adjust to our area.

 1) Bring a Treat:
Bake a treat like cupcakes, brownies or cookies and drop by with them to welcome them to the neighborhood and introduce yourself. Sometimes it is just what a new neighbor needs to feel welcomed into the neighborhood. It may seem old school, but everyone enjoys a treat!

 2) Treat them to a Local Spot:
Drop by and introduce yourself and then invite them to join you to a local spot so you can help them get to know the area. This is a really nice gesture if they are not only new to the neighborhood but also to the area as a whole.
 3) Drop Off a Directory:
Bring your new neighbor a directory of everyone who lives in the neighborhood or just on your direct street. If you don’t already have a directory, this may be a good time to create one for your new neighbor.

 4) Wrap Up Your Favorite Menus:
A fun and unique way to welcome a new neighbor is to wrap up all of your favorite local takeout menus and star all of the items that are your favorites. This may help them eat a good meal while still moving and setting everything up and will also help them get to know you!

 5) Put a List of Favorites Together:
Make a list of all of your favorite activities, places to visit, places to eat and things to do in the neighborhood and give it to your new neighbor. This can give them a guide to tour and get to know the area. You could also leave your phone number and email address on the list and offer to accompany them to any of the events or neighborhood spots.

 6) Bring a Bottle of Wine:
You can really never go wrong with a bottle of wine. If they don’t drink wine, they can save it for other guests in the future or use it as a nice display in the kitchen. It doesn’t have to be a super expensive bottle either.

 7) Create a Housewarming Basket:
Put together a sweet and thoughtful basket with things like neighborhood guides, sweet treats, wine, a community calendar, a note and anything else you think they may enjoy. This is a really kind gesture that will show that you truly care about welcoming them into the community.

If you are ready to make a move and transition into a new recreational property, let me help you find the perfect place to escape realty with friendly neighbors. Contact me today!

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