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 Sometimes, a home can feel cramped or overcrowded. Making more space doesn’t always mean you have to break down walls, delve into a large renovation, or add an addition on, however. A few changes to your furniture arrangement, wall paint, and decor can help you create the illusion of space. This way, you can relax knowing you won’t feel on top of one another in your smaller space. Here are five ways to make your home feel larger without breaking the bank (or the walls):

 1) Hang Mirrors (And Not Just In Your Bedroom)
Mirrors are a great way to guarantee a space that feels larger, brighter, and more inviting. Since mirrors reflect light, they immediately add depth to a room. You could opt to hang individual identical mirrors in a row, go with a large statement mirror behind your couch, or even place a floor-to-ceiling mirror in a room to make your home feel larger. Place mirrors opposite a window to capitalize on the natural light.

 2) Be Mindful of How Your Furniture Fits

Did you inherit an ornate bedroom set from your grandparents? While you may want to hold onto this furniture that has been past down in your family, sometimes you have to be realistic about what is going to fit most comfortably in your space. Large, dark furniture isn’t your best option for a smaller bedroom, especially in a master bedroom. Think light and simple when it comes to furnishing smaller spaces.

 3) Embrace Monochromatic Palettes
Although it’s easy to want to add vibrant pops of color to a space or make a statement with a certain color palette, a monochromatic palette makes a room feel larger and more streamlined. Usually, people tend to go with a white/gray palette since white walls reflect light and make a space feel open and airy.

 4) Stick to One Flooring
If your home features an open concept plan, choosing one type of flooring throughout the entire place can help your home feel larger and more cohesive. Breaking up the rooms with flooring can make the home feel smaller and disjointed. If possible, try to avoid patterned rugs.

 5) Use Curtains to Your Advantage

Most of the time, you hang your curtain rod directly above the window. To create the illusion of a larger window and higher ceilings, hang the curtain rod closer to the ceiling. You can also buy a longer rod or one that extends to have the curtains frame the window rather than cover it. Choose lighter curtains to keep your space bright.
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