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 It's the time of year for old Twelfth Night 2023 in Wisconsin! Every year, Wisconsin celebrates the old tradition of Twelfth Night, a night of merriment and feasting. This year, the festivities are held on the evening of January 6th, the twelfth night of Christmas. 

 Little bit History:

 The celebration of Old Twelfth Night began many centuries ago in the British Isles. On this night, the people of the isles would gather around a bonfire to celebrate the end of the Christmas season. The festivities included singing, dancing and feasting, and it was believed that the spirits of the ancestors would join in the celebration. 

 In Wisconsin, the celebration of Old Twelfth Night follows many of the traditional customs of the British Isles, but with a distinctly Wisconsin twist. 

 Celebrations in Wisconsin:
 The bonfires are replaced by a giant snowman, and the traditional singing and dancing is accompanied by a local band playing the Wisconsin polka. The feasting includes some of the state's favorite dishes, such as cheese curds, bratwurst and sauerkraut. There are performances from local bands and fireworks that light up the sky. People come from all over to enjoy the show and to celebrate the holiday in a festive way. 

 As the night draws to a close, the celebration of Old Twelfth Night ends with a fireworks display. The brilliant colors light up the sky and signal the end of the holiday season in Wisconsin. 

 Old Twelfth Night 2023, a great way to celebrate the holiday season in Wisconsin. From parades to carnivals, From ice skating rinks to holiday-themed movies, there was something for everyone to enjoy and celebrate. It was a wonderful time for the people of Wisconsin to come together and celebrate the holiday season in a fun and festive way. 
  Old Twelfth Night 2023 is sure to be a night to remember! 
 If you're in Wisconsin, be sure to join in the festivities and celebrate.
                                              Until Next Time

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