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Eric Ristey

 Those are questions asked many buyers and sellers ask real estate agents. While those asking the questions mainly receive the same old list of "why I am the best" such as I am a hard worker,  your property will be on the MLS, we will put up a sign in your front yard. Better yet if you are looking to buy, I will pull up some listings on my MLS and send them to you, if you like any of them I will see about getting directions to the property. How about the answer well I have never been out to the property so I really cant tell you too much about it. Or even better they will get you the listings and expect you to find the property on your own, even though you are from 4 hours or so away and have never been there before, chances are the agent your speaking to has never been on the properties either. 
 What makes us different? 
We specialize in recreational / vacation getaway properties in Central and Northern Wisconsin. The properties we represent are all suitable for residential living, vacations, retirement and investments. 
NO computer generated listings.
 We are selective on the properties we offer. We simply do not list any property, you will find a Select listings of quality properties on our websites and over the internet. We have personally been to and walked every property we represent. We know the properties, areas and the amenities. Our job is to simply help you help yourselves realize your dreams of owning property in Wisconsin and we fulfill those dreams by working together. 
 We have over 30 years of experience in building and customizing a marketing program that reaches out to people exclusively looking to purchase recreational/vacation property. Over the years we have also compiled a vast database of buyers. With the diversity of our listings we can offer properties for all recreational activities in all 4 seasons. 
 What makes us stand out? Well that is a question that relates back to and old saying "The treatment I receive is the difference I perceive."
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