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  It’s a typical Monday morning in the city, and you just want a coffee before work, so you decide to visit your favorite coffee shop only to find that a latte is $7. You blink, thinking it’s a mistake, but as the morning fog wears off, you remember that everything is expensive here, and when it comes to the cost of living, it feels like you’re always getting a little for a lot. Living in a big city can be fun and exciting at times, but it can also wear you down. Whether it’s having to deal with the constant stress of noise, traffic, crime, or pollution, city life can feel overwhelming, and sometimes you just need to get away. If you are tired of your routine and long to be in nature, maybe it’s time to consider visiting rural Wisconsin, the home of pristine lakes, miles of trails, and endless blue sky. Who knows? It might just change your life. 

 Green Therapy
 There is a reason why many therapists are recommending green therapy, also known as ecotherapy. It involves spending time in the great outdoors and reconnecting with nature. Study after study shows that embracing nature has unequivocal benefits for mental health, but it comes to no surprise to people who live in rural Wisconsin. When you can visit breathtaking wonders like Big Manitou, an incredible waterfall in Pattison State Park, kayak down the Flambeau River where bald eagle sightings are a frequent occurrence, or hike along The Ledge in High Cliff State Park, known for its abundance of rare fossils, plants, and petroglyphs, it’s easy to understand the appeal. However, we have barely scratched the surface here. These are only a handful of the many natural wonders and nature attractions located in rural Wisconsin. 

 Find Your Passion

 Rural Wisconsin is the absolute best place to discover your passion or pursue something that you never had the time or space to try before, and there are a wide variety of activities all year round. Wisconsin is home to tons of incredible places to ski, snowboard, or snowshoe. You can take to the trails in winter to try snowmobiling or ride around on an ATV in summer. There are an abundance of lakes perfect for swimming, kayaking, and fishing. You can learn to ride a horse or try camping. If you’re a creative person, spending time in a secluded cottage is the perfect way to focus on an artistic endeavor such as drawing, painting, or writing free of distractions. The possibilities are truly endless. 

 Contact Us to Call Rural Wisconsin Your Home 

 While there are many charming bed and breakfasts in rural Wisconsin, we feel confident that you will fall in love and eventually want to have your own home there. We specialize in buildable lots and wooded acreage in Wisconsin. Whether you are looking for a Wisconsin vacation home or a permanent residence, we are dedicated to working with you to meet your individual needs and helping you find a property that is the perfect fit. Inquire today by contacting Eric Ristey at (608) 386-8907.

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