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Eric Ristey
Welcome to my blog. My name is Eric Ristey; I am licensed real estate agent in the state of Wisconsin.

 For this 1st post my goal is to tell you a little about myself, as well as why I do what I do for a living.
A native to this area of SW WI. I grew up in a small town along the Mississippi River, Stoddard WI. A town of I believe at that time 715 people. After high school, I joined the Marine Corp which took me to southern California (pretty big change for a small-town boy). I moved back home after getting out of the Marines. Then, thinking I needed to move to a bigger city I moved to the Quad Cities, Milwaukee, and Madison (where I met my wife). But, none of these cities gave me the feeling that South-West Wisconsin did. So, my wife and I moved back to the La Crosse area where we have lived for the last 25 years, and have raised three fantastic daughters.

 I entered the sales profession in 1983 and I have enjoyed a great career over these years. I became a licensed real estate agent in 2004, with a vision of learning the real estate world, and what a world it is.
One license but, so many different specialists. You can become a realtor, specialize in residential real estate, or maybe commercial real estate is something that interests you. Myself, I chose vacant land. I specialize in buildable recreational, investment property throughout the state of Wisconsin. We offer great land in rural areas such as, lake-front, river-views, stream front, and river front properties. We offer abandoned farms, wooded acreages, great places for base camp. In doing what we do, we help people find unique properties in unique areas. I have helped hundreds of people with their search of finding that perfect get-away property over the past years. Why land? Land is the only thing that remains unchanged and in its original state since it was created. Songs have been sung about land, wars have been fought over land, and owning land has always been a dream for many people. Owning land changes peoples lives.  Once someone owns land they find themselves, their families, and their friends planning their weekends and vacations around going to our land. Camping trips, fishing trips, ATV/UTV trips, family get togethers, a relaxing weekend doing nothing sitting around the campfire. I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.
 Unlike a normal real estate transaction, our relationship does not end once you become an owner. With vacant land that’s when a land specialists relationship begins with their clients. My clients will often call me and tell me about their weekend at the land, they may call and have questions on a restaurant, maybe on a zoning question, whatever they may need; we are their key to the area. It  is always great to hear about how this property has changed their lives, and how great it is that their kids, and grandkids always look forward to going up to the land and enjoying their time together.

 Hearing and seeing their happiness only solidifies my career choice. I am here to help you help yourself in finding that right piece of property.

 In future posts I hope to educate people in buying land, what is going on in the market, local businesses, unique get-a-way’s, and other topics I hope you find interesting.
Please let me know if there is a topic you would like to discuss, or would like more information on regarding recreational real estate.
 Thank-You for taking your time to read my 1st post, and I hope you enjoy reading many more.
Eric Ristey
Land Specialist
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