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Without a doubt, most people considering a vacant land purchase feel the same way. This is especially true if the land will be used as a vacation getaway. In Wisconsin, a subdivision is defined as 5 or more lots of 1.5 acres or less. The idea of living shoulder to shoulder with close neighbors clustered around a paved cul de sac is not what most people have in mind. But, it is important to remember that all land everywhere is subdivided. The land must be subdivided or you would be forced to purchase more land than you want or can afford.

Since all land is subdivided, the size, number and characteristics of the parcels within the subdivision is what matters. Privacy and seclusion come from the topography of the land, the amount and position of tree cover and other features like water on or near the property. Decide for yourself, is there more seclusion in a large open field or a small wooded lot?

Many people dream of purchasing 5 acres or so at the back of a 40-acre tract. Considering the cost of land today, if you cannot afford the entire 40 acres, the only way you will be able to own the secluded 5 acres parcel is if the property is divided and the development costs are spread out among several others. The difficulty in obtaining an easement across the remaining 35 acres, the cost of the road and the cost of running the utilities to your parcel would be tremendous.

It is important to keep in mind that even if you could find a 5-acre tract surrounded by undeveloped land, it is because local zoning has permitted subdividing the land into smaller parcels. There would be no way to know if or when the land next to you're would be further subdivided.

When it comes to purchasing vacant land in today's market, considering the cost and rarity of buildable vacant land, it is almost certain your only choice will be relatively small lots in rural subdivision

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