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Eric Ristey
In order for this to be a success 1st and foremost one must have made the decision to make the decision to own a piece of land! This may sound funny but land truly comes down to a feeling. You need to be emotionally and financially ready to take the next step when you walk out onto the right piece of land! Land is the one thing that stays and remains unique. There is no new model coming down the assembly line. No two pieces of land are alike. The worst thing possible that can happen is that we walk out and find the right piece of property only to find out that you are not ready or have not taken the necessary steps to own land, getting there. but someone else is ready and they take that next step. You end up being pretty disappointed in finding out that you lost that piece of land. What happens is that everything we look at from then on never matches up to the property you lost by coming out a little to early. The only thing we accomplished was to ruin your dream of owning land. How do you make sure that does not happen to you? We’re getting there.

Part 3 Our teamwork begins.


Eric Ristey

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