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In step 1 I explained that we listen to your wants, needs, and concerns. So how do you know what they are? Well no one said that you would not have to do a little homework. You’ve made the decision to look at land, and want to make the decision to own land. So, all parties who are involved with the purchase must be on the same sheet of purchase. What I mean by that say three of us were invited to play our music at a local festival. We come up on the stage and we start to play, the bad news is one person is playing jazz, one classical, and the third is playing rock. It’s not going to work. So how do we play the same tune? It starts by sitting down and having each person come up with a list of what is important to them. Then discussing each person’s wants and needs and combining them to come up with the 5 most important items you want from your land. (we will discuss these coming up in the near future). Next you need to decide a budget, not what you can spend, but however what you are willing to spend, there is a difference. I will make sure we stay within your budget. Hang in there were getting close to setting up an appointment to come and look at land.
Coming up in part 4 working together:
Eric Ristey

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