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Working together to educate each other.
By this time, you’ve made the decision to own a piece of land, you have your list of the 5 most important ingredients in a piece of land, and you have set your budget. Depending on yourself, at this point you may have decided to get pre-approved for financing for your purchase. Now it’s time for me to listen to your list of wants and needs. I have a good knowledge of what is available for sale, and rest assured I have been out and have walked these parcels that are for sale, so I know the properties, the areas, as well as what amenities are in the area. I may ask a few more questions with my main goal of helping you help yourself in finding that piece of land that you want to own. I do this so the day we do get together I do not waste your time showing you property you have no interest in. Knowing that there is no such thing as a perfect piece of land, I will do my best and go to work developing a list of properties that match as many of your wants and needs as possible. At this point we should figure out a day that everyone who is involved with the purchase can come out and look at land and make an appointment to do so.
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Eric Ristey

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