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We have set a day a time and a place to meet. I have set the entire day aside for you, remember my goal is to help you help yourself find that right piece of land. I am hoping you have done the same. It does no good for you to come out if all you have is an hour or two. Its possible we can find your property by then, but no one likes to be rushed, and this is a major purchase, so we need to be able to take the time you need. Dress appropriately, as if you were going camping, we will be walking out on land, so everyone needs to be dressed to do so.
Don’t be in a big hurry, I like to take a little time to get to know you, and it gives us one more chance to make sure we are still on the same sheet of music.
So, if we all did our jobs correctly we should be able to accomplish the goal of finding you the right piece of land. It may surprise you, but the 1st piece of land we walk out onto might just be that right piece of land, if we all did our jobs, however it may take a few more, but then again after a few more we might end up back at the first piece we looked at. Remember earlier I said that land is truly a feeling, and you will know it’s the one when we walk out onto that one. Sometimes when everything clicks and we find that piece of land effortlessly, people think that there are so many more tat meets their wants and needs. There’s not! Trust me, I have years of experience in doing this, and I have listened to your wants and needs, and have came up with a list of the properties that meet your wants, needs, and budget. Its not that we just got lucky, its that we all did our part, and worked together to accomplish this. We have done a lot of work to prepare for this day.
We’ve found the right piece of land, what’s next? (step 6) writing an offer:
                                                     Eric Ristey

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