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 First of all you should expect honesty, integrity, loyalty and professionalism. A professional agent will know the market and will be familiar with the properties he/she is showing to you. An agent should also be familiar with the area and able to inform you about amenities such as rivers, streams, or lakes, parks, and other recreational opportunities. A professional should be prepared to inform you about such things as schools, churches, and medical facilities as well as police, fire, telephone and electric service.

A true real estate professional wants to help you locate the perfect property and is depending on you to be honest about your wants and needs. If you do not accurately convey your particular wants and needs to the real estate agent he/she will not be able to direct you to the best possible properties.

Don't be afraid to tell the real estate agent if you do not like a property. We do not own the properties, you are not going to hurt our feelings. Sometimes people are afraid to say "no" and they attempt to soften it by saying "we need to think about it." The professional real estate agent knows that when you say "no" you are saying "no" to the property. He or she will not be offended.  The agent will want to continue to search for the perfect property for you, so you must let the agent know when a property is not right for you. By asking and answering the right questions it only helps us help you find that right piece of land.
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