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 Vacant rural acreages have no street address, in most cases it is very difficult to figure what property is what, where the property begins and ends. We will make sure you are looking and walking the right piece of land. Some people actually make a decision on whether they like a property or not by simply driving by. a term we call wind-shielding a property, even though by walking a short distance into the property can give you a whole different feeling, sorry to say you just missed out on your perfect piece of land.   Can you imagine falling in love with a certain piece of land your excited about putting in an offer just to find out you were on the wrong piece of land. That would be depressing, but it has happened more than once.  Even though you have talked with your agent and believe all of your questions have been answered there’s a good chance once you are out on the land more questions will come to mind. A good real estate agent will be there to explain the nearby amenities, (stores, restaurants, churches, parks, bodies of water etc. also answer your questions, point out boundaries, show you the survey’s, utilities, covenants and answer building questions such as zoning, driveways, and setbacks.  Still some sellers are concerned about your safety and their liability so they say it is mandatory that a real estate agent assist you on a showing of their property. 
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