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 Growing up in S/W WI., we have been spoiled by the many geographical wonders that are all around us. Beautiful sand stone bluffs, meandering valleys, and numerous bodies of water that all put together make up what we call "God's Country).

 To start out, S/W WI , has many small rivers, We actually have miles and miles of small rivers that encompass our hidden valleys. If you enjoy fishing, canoeing, and kayaking well then South West WI. has exactly what you are looking for. The most famous canoeing river which is carved from softer rock, offers many miles of undeveloped seclusion. The Kickapoo River is one of the best class 1 canoe rivers  in the mid-west,as well as one of the most photographic. Thirty three miles long, but has over one-hundred miles of linear distance that meanders through S/W WI. Other small rivers that run through our areas are The Grant, The Black, The La Crosse, and the Wisconsin River, known as the busiest river and offers numerous peaceful sand beach islands for all of our enjoyment.

 South West WI., known better as the drift-less area, the area that the glaciers never made their way through, allowing our area to be gifted with numerous streams as well as the rivers. S/W WI. does offer some fantastic lakes as well. Yellowstone Lake, Lake Arbutus, Lake Neshonic, Lake Pepin, McCartney Lake, and one of the FINEST lakes for diving in the entire mid-west Lake Wazee. Lake Wazee is Wisconsin's deepest lake with depths of over 350 feet. and offering 30 to 40 feet of visibility. So as you can see, when it comes to recreational water S/W WI. has a lot of diversity.

This is one reason why working with Eric Ristey and 4 Rivers Realty, a independent Real Estate Office that specializes in helping buyers find their slice of heaven here in "God's Country". Being natives to the area you can put our vast knowledge to the test, simply we want to help you, help yourself find what's right for you. We will show you the ins and outs of SOUTH WEST WI.
We are home to the 3rd largest population of the "Bald Eagle" which migrates up and down the MIGHTY MISSISSIPPI RIVER. "The father Of Waters". The Mississippi River can actually vary in length as much as 50 feet each year. Home to over 100 different species of fish. Water Skiing was also invented here on the Mississippi River, near a small quaint river town named Alma.

 A person could drive around a entire weekend, and not be able to find some of these fantastic pieces of real estate we call home. Being a independent real estate office gives us the latitude to help you with all properties, weather they are privately owned or owned by large land companies. If their is water front property for sale, we will take you there. Remember in SOUTH WEST WI. there is no such things as strangers, just friends we haven't met yet.  Come out and explore all that SOUTH WEST WI. has to offer.
Remember for additional information on SOUTH WEST WI real estate call or text Eric Ristey at (608) 386-8907. 
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