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Eric Ristey
I set off this last Monday to visit some properties we have available "in the Northwoods". Trusting my old google maps I set off for my journey. Once up North somewhere in Marinette County Google to me down a forest road. Not being from the Northwoods I took the left hand turn and well that is where the fun began. The road became about as wide as my vehicle, no where or way to turn around, 5 miles into this hike I feel my vehicle slide to the right. (Good Night Irene). I am stuck. Some how I have cell phone coverage and am able to call my wife who calls a tow truck service and I call the sheriff. This is where it gets good. The tow truck cannot get to where I am at, but assures me he will get me out. The sheriff walks out to my vehicle and wonders how I got so far back in the woods and how I was able to have cell phone coverage, then proceeds to tell me about the guy last year who did the same thing but did not have cell coverage and died of hypothermia. Let me tell you that's a great feeling. He gets me out to the road where we meet Joe from Joes Towing and Recovery from Armstrong Creek WI. by now its dark and there is nothing we can really do.   Stranded on the road side, well no Joe makes sure I get to a nearby Motel and supper club where I spend the evening. The next morning they pick me up and we go to the shop where we wait for a call from Josh who owns Back Country Sno-Cats, LLC. we get the call and we are on the way, we pick up Josh and his snow mobile groomer and off we go. When we get to the dreaded turn off we unload the groomer and the 4 of us pile in and off we go. 5 miles later we are to my vehicle and Josh and Joe take over, they are able to get my vehicle unstuck and back to the main road.
All I can say is Joe's staff and his connections saved me big time. Thank You to Joe and Josh for doing what you do. I will be in touch next time I am in the area to Thank-You once again.
Where else but the Northwoods do you find people like this that go way out of your way to help you out.
                                               Eric Ristey

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